Worship Changes You

wang-xi-694037-unsplashI’ve experienced Abba Father through deep times of worship since my days in college. I liken it to the weeks spent at church camp when groups of teens would gather under the stars and lift their voices to God.

I know all of life is worship, but when I’ve gathered with other believers for the express purpose of singing hymns to the Father my fears and comparisons fall.

I got a new guitar today from a customer, and I am excited to get it fixed and start lessons again at Cedarstone School of Music. I’ve quit playing the guitar too many times to mention, but in some ways I’ve not quit because I keep coming back to it again and again over several years. As you know I’ve started helping my friend Sherry on Wednesday nights, so the hope I’ve received from being around her and the precious children she teaches has been giving me hope.

I don’t think it’s an accident I got that guitar today. I’m still impacted by the work Robin Roe and the student praise band she led years ago. In that same church years before that Marty Roe stood before the congregation and sang the LORD’s prayer acapella, and as his beautiful high tenor voice echoed in the Great Hall I was lifted again into the presence of our perfect Father.

Worship has moved me to say the least. Whether that’s been at Yosemite Bible Camp or Camp Wamava doesn’t matter because the presence of our beautiful God is omnipresent. Worship has given me hope in my battle with depression. It’s offered me insight into how David’s songs could calm King Saul’s spirit. If you’ve ever been in a worship setting of any kind you know how music can move you.

I remember being with my family at Taylor Swift’s 1989 concert, and to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit is not just regulated to church or “Christian” concerts. If it’s good it’s from God.

Don’t miss out on what God is trying to share because He is at work in places you think He might not be at work.

Grace and peace again my friends.

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