Attitude and Action

How I think is very important. What happens is beyond my control, but how I frame thoughts around what happens can make or break me. Both have happened.

jordan-rowland-1059662-unsplashWe are normally closed on Saturday and Sunday, but today I had to go into to work. I wasn’t able to finish the project I was working on, so I headed out early to finish it. Early on I found myself being intentional about focusing on vacuuming one kitchen drawer and wiping it out with my Norwex cloth. Later all the kitchen cabinets, shelves and drawers were shining like a diamond. And eventually as I concentrated on every square foot I cleaned the entire house was finished.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself. You can feel like you aren’t doing with your life what you thought you’d be doing at this point. Sometimes that can come from comparing ourselves to others. Comparison is the thief of joy, and nothing is more satisfying than hard work, a good meal and a good night sleep. If you are consistently engaging in those three things you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Drastic times require drastic measures, and sometimes to fight this you must take a fast from your phone or any kind of social media. You’re mental health is vital to developing the kind of attitude that makes you a productive person. When I get my thinking right my heart follows. Passion develops from the heart, and when you refuse to compare yourself with any other person you cross a threshold into what it means to be loved by our Maker. My LORD and my God loves me as if I am the only person on the planet. That needs to be repeated. My LORD and my God loves me as if I am the only person on the planet.

Contemplate that reality. Memorize it. Repeat it over and over. We learn by repetition, and unless you have a photographic memory then repetition is your friend. That mantra is not a call to be narcissistic. That mantra is an essential element in combating the forces of darkness that bombard you constantly with the message that you aren’t complete. You are complete, and when life throws flaming arrows your way know that He’s got your back.

I tremendously enjoy cleaning houses, but that’s not who I am. As a child of God my value does not come from what I do. It comes from who I am. It comes from an identity that is not rooted in what I do as a profession, but in who I identify with as I journey through this life. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit give me that ultimate identity, and inasmuch those I interact with on a consistent basis yield to Them will I align myself with their journey.

This is an elementary principle that many of us forget on a constant basis because our culture doesn’t encourage this type of identity. Who you are is where you live, what you drive, where you vacation, how often you vacation, and ultimately how much money you make to bring about all those things.

We give preference to people who are like us. We prefer people who do and say what we think they should do and say, and if they don’t we drop them like a hot potato. And we don’t even tell the person what they’ve done wrong. We go tell someone else what they’ve done wrong. How does that solve anything?

Some people will reject your candid communication. That’s just life. They don’t want conflict, and if they deflect your offense then they buy some time to deal with it later. Communication is a two way street, but if we aren’t communicating with each other than it’s called gossip.

Thoughts are power. They govern our behavior. What are you thinking about right now? It will cause you to look at the next thing as you look into your own heart for the passion that drives you forward. Will you mess up? Without a doubt failure will ring the door bell again and again.

But those who answer the door again and again will find true life satisfaction.

Easier said than done, but it’s worth it.

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