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I’m feeling euphoric at the moment. If I had a million dollars I’d go shopping. Yesterday was a good day. I spent some time at Caliber Coffee Company, and God worked on me. I also had a conversation with my friend Amy Bradford, and I cannot thank my Father enough for that incredible woman. She has shown up for me in my dark “nights” of the soul, and the conversations continue to get better. My wife Carey is my BFF, and I will love, like and nurture her till death do we part, but I would be remiss if I ignored the blessing Amy is in our lives. When God shows up in another human being it’s unmistakable, and Amy embodies the presence of my all mighty God in deep profound ways. Amy goes to the Woodmont Hills Church of Christ, and as you know we were on the journey there for ten years. My friend Lynn goes to church there, and my late friend Martha went there as well. God has constantly used that church as an amazing place of His presence.

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Jesus, as far as I know, has never walked the soil of Nashville like he did in Jerusalem, but the power of the Holy Spirit is strong in this city. I’m not saying it’s weak anywhere, but I’ve experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in amazing ways in this city. God’s favor rests on those who put their faith in Him, so geography doesn’t matter when He shows up. He does indeed have the whole world in His hands.

Even when conflict happens between two people, and they ignore each other God is still at work to bring redemption and healing. As we strive to follow our Maker the best way we know how lets again be gentle and kind to each other because we truly do not know what someone has been thorough. Let’s also improve our efforts to share our stories with each other because it facilitates understanding and love. God never holds our past against us, and His mercy is great when we fail. May we be merciful to each other when we fail each other.

God’s abundance is beyond anything we can imagine, and He longs for us to share that abundance with each other. I’m not at all saying we reward those who refuse to work, but I am saying that God has given us everything for nothing. That has to transform a heart and mind beyond telling someone to get a job. I believe firmly in hard work, and I think work is a Godly thing to do, but when we ignore the homeless or someone who just lost everything we’d better check our hearts because Jesus himself did not have a place to lay his head at night.

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Love, mercy and grace are central components to the Christian faith, and if those are not embedded in our DNA then we are no better than the Pharisees or Roman leaders and soldiers who murdered Jesus.

Jesus didn’t die for nothing, and His resurrection abolished the sinister evil that demands an eye for an eye. I’m going to check my heart the next time I’m tempted to flip someone off in traffic. This journey with Christ is a radical lifestyle that transforms not only our actions but our very hearts and minds. It doesn’t get any deeper than that.

I laugh when John Crist jokes about checking your heart, but it’s no laughing matter when a man died to make that possible.

I’m closing with my favorite song lyric.

Jesus take this heart of mine. Make it pure and holy Thine. Thou has bled and died for me. I will hence forth live for thee.


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