hello all,

i’ve been invited by our friend to “guest post” every so often.  i’m amy and i want to tell you a little bit about me and why i’m here:

what you need to know about me:  amy jo, Christ-follower, born and bred nashvillian, lipscomb grad, business owner, animal lover, PTSD sufferer.

what you might like to know about me:  liberal, tattooed, vegan, introvert, aries, book addict, writer, vinyl collector, pug obsessed, cat worshiper, coffee addict, opinionated, grateful and doing the best i know how.

i abhor small talk and tend to just want to get to the heart of the matter so i’ll let y’all know what i know: life is hard and sometimes putting one foot in front of the other is all i have.  PTSD is an anxiety disorder and i have it in spades.  some days are better than others and  some days i don’t know how to breathe without reminding myself to do it.

i rely on God first and those select few i trust to get me through. i’m not great at self-care (or even “good” at it) and that’s where daniel comes in.  he helps me by listening, giving feedback and “getting me.”  he just gets me.  he and i are a lot different but we are a lot alike in the ways that matter:  we care, we pray, we offer each other friendship.  (his lovely wife and daughter are pretty amazing too!)


i hope we can walk this journey of faith, mental illness, forgiveness, growth and life together.  thanks for having me!

grace and peace,


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