On Fire

I’m reading an amazing book about healing. As I read it at soccer practice I took this note which I wrote as a prayer.

Renew my thinking with your truth Jesus.

toa-heftiba-362196-unsplashThe presence of Jesus brings healing. It’s remarkable how Jesus has “shown up” in this book. I’m not going to give the title or author’s name because that’s not the point. The point is that Jesus has shown up unlike I’ve ever experienced it Him in the pages of this book. My point is Jesus. I’ll be glad to tell you the author and title if you contact me.

I have struggled with depression since at least the third grade. That’s 36 years if you’re counting. I know pain and suffering as far as mental illness is concerned. I’ve cried oceans of tears because I was afraid. I’ve been anchored to my house out of the same fear. I’ve expressed my ungodly anger in traffic too many times to count. Jesus has stayed with me every step of the way, and I’m alive to write this because His angels continue to protect me. I’ve played with fire too many times to take any of this for granted. I would dare say that I’m a hypersensitive person. I don’t have to dare say that. I am hypersensitive. I’ve always seen and felt things others do not. I don’t mean I see ghosts. I observed the nuances of human beings when words are not used. My daughter received from me my strong sense of justice and fairness. She calls me out on it when my actions don’t follow my beliefs. It happened on the way home tonight.

She is an amazing young lady. I marvel that at one time she was so helpless as a baby. She embodies 1 Timothy 4.12. She is a born leader who takes my breath away with her insight into the world. Am I biased? Maybe. But nonetheless Jesus, at age 12, was answering questions in the Temple. Twelve-years-old. Age is a number I’m convinced. Simeon and Anna were well along in years when they came to see the baby Jesus, but look at what Jesus did before He became a teenager. Look at the woman who told Jesus that even the dogs eat the crumbs that the master drops from the table. I don’t know how old she was, but when the Spirit of God descends on a human being inspiration is standard. There’s no age restriction.

Jesus himself told us to become like little children. We build a stronger world when we are ready, willing and able to be with children. Powerful things happen when we are intentional about showing up for God, family and church. There is palpable hush about us because the spin has given way to a distrust of everything. We are afraid. We must face it, and we are facing it.

I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’d guess it’s hard as hell. Life is like that. If someone says otherwise they’re selling something. Run away. Weigh everything through the lens of Jesus because He will never try to sell you a bill of goods that ends up in the attic.

Jesus gave His live for you and me. It’s not done. He sent His Spirit to dwell within us, and that Spirit continues to move each one of us.

Believe it.

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