Rejectionism Is A Complicated Beast

ian-espinosa-182411-unsplashI don’t often have a post title before I write the post, but sometimes I do.

Rejection is complicated is it not? As we journey through life complicated scenarios happen as a result of the broken reality we are up against. This morning’s Jesus Calling read about the abundance God enjoys giving us. That’s a hard concept to practice because as you know it takes ten positives to overcome one negative, and many times when things are going well we cop an attitude of guilt.

Rejection is complicated because it is done to us, but we also do it to others. I think it weeds out the people we aren’t supposed to be with. There is a randomness to life, and sometimes it just happens because as my pastor said yesterday there isn’t a reason for everything. Sometimes things happen because of ignorance. Somewhere in that existential question however, redemption happens as we burn bridges. I don’t ever intentionally burn a bridge, but because of the broken reality I live and move in it happens.

As you put one foot in front of the other this week don’t over think the randomness that happens in your life. Do what your intuition tells you because it’s usually right, and if it isn’t the Father is big enough to bring about a solution. Don’t be a jerk, but if you need to remove yourself from a situation do it. Don’t hide. Don’t quit, but if your intuition is telling you to quit listen to it, but don’t be hasty in quitting. If that thought persists days after the initial existential question list the pros and cons with your wife or husband, or if you’re single sit down and write them out regarding why you should throw in the towel.

Rejection is not a pleasant subject, but you might know it by another name – boundaries. Your mental health, dignity, self-respect and ability to give love to others is hingent on whether or not you can give. You can’t give if you are empty.

If you are empty you need to be full to give. Your cup doesn’t have to be running over, but when you are in a season of desert or wilderness wandering stop to see where you are, and if there is more danger for “carnage” then step back and assess the situation before you step up to the plate. Striking out is one thing, but throwing the bat at the pitcher is quite another.

Be kind and gentle with yourself, and that kindness and gentleness will flow over into others.

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