One Day Every Knee Will Bow

rawpixel-568375-unsplashWhen I look failure in the face and come out on the other side winning I can hardly find the words to describe my happiness. That’s happening right now. I’m going to be on the phone today with someone who is going to give me a second chance at the guitar. Guitar skills have been a failure in my life, but like so many other things I refuse to give up. Zach Williams is right. “Fear is a liar.”

You see, I firmly believe that love is greater than hate, and the thing that draws me to Jesus and Sadie Robertson is that they both know how to love. And that love begins with seeing yourself as a beloved child of God with compassion for yourself and others. I know the greatest and second commandment, but humor me as I practice some pop psychology. You can have everything in the world, but if love is missing you have nothing. You can demand from others till you’re blue in the face, but if love is absent you’re leaning your ladder against the wrong wall.

This civility thing in Washington is a joke. Why do two human beings created by the same Maker have to be reminded to love and be civil to each other? The holidays are approaching, and like you I’m filled with angst about some of the people I “have” to be with. I know the feeling is mutual because the water under the bridge is deep. I’m not sinless, and I have angered many people because of my sin. Somehow I’ve justified my sin, but God does not. I sincerely try not to sin, but I get hungry, tired, angry, sad and frustrated, so it’s inevitable I’m going to sin. You have the same dilemma. His presence is great, but the days of sinless activity are not behind us. That’s why so many people leave the church. I don’t blame them. But guess what? Those people who leave the church are still affected by sin. They still adhere to the same laws of gravity, sleep and hunger that those of us who go to church adhere to.

Why do I not give up on organized religion? Why do I continue putting myself in the path of people who have hurt me deeply? Some of the same people have drawn me deeply near Jesus Christ. I go to church Sunday after Sunday. I make coffee for 200 people Sunday after Sunday because I think there’s still something pure and good about this thing we call church. I talk to people, believers and unbelievers, week after week about spiritual things, and the only thing that separates us is a different surname. We are both children of the King who long for the same things, but Satan has created this disconnect that has been around since the beginning.

I continue to write post after post on here about my faith in Jesus Christ not because I’ve figured it out rather just the opposite. I haven’t figured it out, and I never will because Jesus didn’t lay down His life because we have it figured out. We don’t. We aren’t declared righteous because we have it figured out. We are declared righteous (right standing in God’s sight) because we believe. It is that simple. If you believe in Jesus Christ, and you seek Him the best way you can you are set free from sin. You will sin, but sin does not control you.

That’s called the Gospel beloved.

This is powerful stuff that will set us free. Are there consequences to our actions? That’s a ridiculous question isn’t? Of course there are consequences to our actions. I don’t play the guitar presently because I haven’t practiced. I gave my last guitar to Taylor, and now on Thanksgiving I have to ask my dad to borrow his. I hope to begin guitar lessons next Monday, and I sincerely believe I’m at a different place mentally to make this round of lesson more successful than previous ones. I’m taking baby steps.

That’s all our Father asks. How do you eat an elephant? You eat it one bite at a time. How do your crawl from the bottom? That’s just it isn’t? You crawl. You don’t even walk much less run.

Jesus was dead as a doorknob on Friday, but on Sunday He was walking and talking with women and then men.

What does that tell you?

It tells me that I’m going to put one foot in front of the other, and I’m going to talk to women and men about my Jesus everyday.

I hope you’ll do the same.

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