Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice

alexandru-zdrobau-98438-unsplashIt is a rock solid Thanksgiving season. I really think it’s my favorite holiday. We have another Thanksgiving tonight, and I can’t wait to see the new house we’re having it at. It’s going to be beautiful.

I’m up early this morning because one of our Honda’s has been recalled for the passenger side airbag, and I have an appointment at one of the dealerships to fix it.

I’m writing because I’m high on Ephesians, and the Holy Spirit is working through me like the cup of coffee I just had.

When God shows up in your life it’s unmistakable. I sincerely look forward to seeing that house we will be breaking bread at tonight. I don’t struggle with jealously. I rejoice when those of my family and friends rejoice because it inspires me to do better. I get that from my dad. I’ve never seen him express envy or jealousy. It’s a powerful gift to have.

Jesus didn’t have a place to lay his head, but he did not avoid the affluent. He sought them out, not for a handout, but because they too needed what he had to offer. We label people constantly. You’re rich. You’re poor. Based upon how we label people do we assign “worth.” That’s wrong. Worth is a beating heart. When are we going to practice the unconditional love that God gives us 24/7? When are we going to become comfortable in our own skin, and realize that God does in fact care for us better than the birds of the air?

I don’t know, but I know nothing turns my lip up more than jealous Christians. If you’re jealous work harder to get what you’re jealous of. If you aren’t willing to work for it then be glad that they have it because they were willing to work for it. Yes, I know there are those who never had to work for what they have, but you have no right to judge them for it. Someone worked hard for them to have it, so get over yourself. Move on.

If you aren’t where you want to be then guess what needs to happen? You need to make some new choices. It’s not going to happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and what we’re building isn’t either. I’m in in my eleventh year of business, and I’m no where close to fulfilling the vision I have for it. I put one foot in front of the other, get plenty of sleep, dream about where I want to be, read good books, pray, work hard, put God first in my life, drink lots of coffee if I need to burn the midnight oil and keep fighting for what I want. There’s no secret recipe to success. It’s called hard work. I’m sorry your dad didn’t have a million dollars to give you. Neither did mine. I’m having to make money the old fashion way. I have to work like every other able bodied American. It makes it more satisfying.

When you have to work hard for what you have you appreciate it more. Times like Thanksgiving and Christmas remind us vividly of these blessings because success is relative. When you have it the relatives come! 🙂

My parents were at the Bluebird some years ago, and Larry Gatlin talked about his big house song, All The Gold. Not everyone can create a big house song, but everyone can create something.

I’m creating a boutique maid service. It’s evolving as day by day passes, but I’m thankful that this line of work is really satisfying. I think many times that’s where we trip up. We largely do work because it puts bread on the table, and some people will do work they hate their entire lives because they feel “safe.” If safe is being miserable then how safe is that? Monday after Monday there are millions who go to a job they literally hate, yet they do it day after day. That’s the definition of insanity, and I’m the one fighting mental illness. I noticed at my parents yesterday a verse from Ecclesiastes, and this makes me oh so thankful for my amazing wife who is my inspiration behind everything I do.

Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their labor… (Ecclesiastes 4.9 NIV)

That is so true. We’ve been to hell and back, and we continue to work together to do what is right in the sight of our Father. We sin daily, but each evening when we break bread at the dinner table we unite in prayer for thanks to the God who puts a roof over our heads and bread in our bellies. We have a healthy daughter who continues to amaze me in the way she embodies 1 Timothy 4.12. I cannot ask any more of that incredible young lady than the way she puts Jesus first in her life. Her love for others is phenomenal. Love truly is the greatest. How many global problems would be solved if people got serious about love. As it is now we base so many decisions on trust or non-trust. That’s not love. That’s fear.

Jesus is the answer, and the Holy Spirit never short-changes us in the area of love, but taking that step is many times the hardest thing we do all week. But it’s possible. It’s why I don’t give up. It’s why I keep showing up to vote. It’s why I go to work day after day. It’s why I keep forgiving those who hurt me, and it’s why I keep writing.

Grace and peace beloved.

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