Rich and Poor

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I saw the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen today. As I climbed the driveway to the front door the anticipation rose as I knew the house was going to be exquisite having seen a video of it online last night.

It did not disappoint. And what’s more I get to clean it.

I really do enjoy cleaning. I joke with people about the fact that I trained to be a man of the cloth, but little did I realize that even though I don’t preach and teach I’m still a man of the cloth. It gets a chuckle.

I also get to see some of the finest homes in Nashville in my line of work. I saw one of them this morning. Affluence and poverty are subjects Christians have discussed for a long time. I’ve shared my story in Brazil here, but let me remind you of it.

I stayed with a couple who were very financially blessed. As I drink coffee one morning with the lady of the house she opened up to me about how some of her sisters in the church there shut her out because she was rich. She actually started crying as she shared this pain. She wanted to be loved the same way the homeless men I stayed with last week at my church wanted to be loved.

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from you want a place to call home and people to accept you unconditionally. Those are two undeniable needs we all have. God has put that power into each of us to give to others. We bring our heavy baggage of expectations to relationship after relationship, and God reminds us constantly that the greatest of these is love.

This is not a college class with pre-requisites. This is a catholic need for respect that every human being deserves. When we treat someone with favoritism because we deem them more important than someone else we crush a spirit. I understand we can’t be all things to all people, but when you start labeling people by their socio-economic bracket then you place utmost importance on things.

It’s all going to burn one day. It’s going to come crashing down under the fire God consumes the earth with. Only He knows the day and time that will happen.

Revolutions begin because there are words and ideas behind them. I’d love to create a revolution in this city where we strive, albeit imperfectly, to consider others better than ourselves. It’s radical I know, but this won’t be the first time mankind has chosen to be radical. I think most revolutions happen quietly from one person to the next, but what better place to start this than the buckle of the Bible belt?

Some of you are having a crisis of faith right now, and you might believe it’s every man, woman and child for themselves, but I’m here to tell you we can have a powerful impact for change if we are willing to see our fellow human being as a precious work of art by the Father, and then it won’t really matter who’s rich or poor.

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