Peace Perfect Peace

cassandra-hamer-470060-unsplashI am a needy mess desperate for a Father who is awake with me at 2:12am. Knowing His presence is as real as the computer I type this post is reassuring because my sin and your sin are great. My narcissistic leanings don’t just rob me of sleep, but they create a wave of destruction that will outlive me. What a legacy I leave.

But that depravity can have a happy ending. I will publish this post. I will go back to bed. I will get up in the morning, take my daughter to school, go to The Well, clean two houses, pick my daughter up, pick the groceries up and come home, and each one of those tasks will be a contribution to this great city.

Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books. Its central message is that there is nothing better than working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor before retiring at night as your head rests peacefully on your pillow.

God’s presence makes that possible because as we grapple with the brokenness in our world we know a time will come when all that is broken will be fixed. There won’t be any disconnect, failure, sin, poverty, jealousness, homelessness, mean girls, mean boys or terrorism. People won’t force their will on other people, and the lion will indeed lie down with the lamb.

Jesus continues to blow my mind as I contemplate his life here on Earth. He was the most selfless man who sincerely loved others because they were created in the image of his Father. I long for the Spirit that drove Jesus to do what he did, and thankfully that same Spirit resides within me that will give me peace to sleep.

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