Cross Thoughts

andrew-seaman-746845-unsplashJesus’ pursuit of me is never-ending. Literally. When I think about the “success” and “crosses” I bear there’s never been a time when His presence wasn’t there.

The time after he breathed his last on the Cross had to have been a darkness that no one since has experienced because since the sending of the Spirit I don’t see how that kind of darkness could have coexisted in the believer’s mind, heart and experience. The Scripture is clear that a darkness descended upon the earth, and the fact that the Father forsook the Son is proof that something evil was at work. How something so pure and salvific came out of an innocent man’s blood is beyond me, but I know it did.

The darkness we face now is no less intimidating because when human beings reject God He does not use His omnipotence to overpower our freewill, but even in our most valley moments we are not rejected even in our rejection of Him.

This heavenly economy cannot make sense with our earthly semantic because our debts here must be paid in full. Good luck trying to get the IRS to forgive you of paying past due taxes. It ain’t going to happen. Yet as children of God our sins past, present and future were forgiven at Golgotha. That takes my breath away. I can’t wrap my mind around it. He gives me $200 without ever having to pass go. I can’t earn it, buy it, borrow it, put it on hold, write an IOU, put up any collateral for it or redeem it for retirement. It’s given.

This world view reframes everything in my life. When I see empty He says it’s full. When I see hopeless He sees eternal hope.

It’s truly amazing. My heart is heavy for the suffering my brothers and sisters go through. It’s heavy even as I write this post because I know first hand what hopelessness can do.

Satan is a deceiver my friend. That’s what his name means. He doesn’t want you to believe what I’m writing here.

He’s made you question your worth. He’s leveraged your life experience against you because he knows just how to manipulate things in your life to make you believe the lies. If you aren’t fully convinced that Jesus is LORD that’s ok because He’s not going anywhere. He loves you with a love that is not hingent on your feelings, beliefs or experience. John 3.16 clearly states He loves the whole world. That’s all you need to know. He loves you. He loves me, and even if we can’t put one foot in front of the other know that His most powerful work was done as He hung dying on the cross.

And the Father raised Him. He’s still bringing people back from death, and one day death will not longer be a part of our experience.

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