The Comparison Trap

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Comparing yourself to someone else does not make you better. It creates shame. Follow me. This point I’m making is paradoxical as most things in life are. This point is freeing, and it has the power in the presence of Jesus Christ to set you free from the bondage of comparing.

First of all if you need to delete all social media because your slavery to comparing is like an alcoholic’s slavery to alcohol then do it. Only you know.

Our Father in Heaven does not compare you to anyone else. He is intimately knowledgable about the suffering you have gone through. He knows your successes too. Where you are is because of the choices you’ve made, but that implies that you can make different choices to end up in a different place. Do not shame, guilt or belittle yourself because when you do you are shaming the image of God. There’s nothing shameful about God.

Please understand what I’m saying here. I’m not telling you to be proud of the F you got on a test or paper. I’m not saying you keep flipping people off in traffic. That’s wrong, it shames you and it shames the person you flip off. Not to mention it could get you shot.

Comparison never ends well in human terms. Christmas time is ideal for comparison. How many houses did you break bread in this past Christmas only to feel shame that your house isn’t as big or pretty? I’m counting at least two. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t, and if you fight depression like me it only makes it worse. Shame is counter-productive to healing.

God loves you with a love we will never fully comprehend on this earth. We strive to comprehend it each Sunday as we worship with hands lifted high in front of the band, praise team or song leader, but Monday morning rolls around and we are reminded of the drudgery we all face. Well, most of us. There are a few trust fund kids who’ve never had to work a day in their lives.

And there I go comparing.

Don’t expect this habit to change over night. I can’t even finish a post without doing it.

But that’s just it. We can’t do it. God must do it, and we must constantly call upon the name of Jesus Christ who came to give us all abundant life.

I love you guys, and I thank you for being patient with me in the sporadic writing I’ve been doing.

Grace and peace.

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