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freestocks-org-229658-unsplashObviously the posts on here have been few and far between. That may not change because I have an intuition into some positive growth that might happen with my business. As a guy I compartmentalize like no tomorrow. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, so my business takes all the energy I can muster. Depression has a way of channeling that limited supply of energy too.

There are plans in the works to create a podcast and book about the business. I’ve restarted the business blog, and now that I’m “done” with taxes I can create a routine to produce the podcast and book.

Some of you are wondering about the memoir, and I’m glad you “asked.” I sense that is not going to happen. You’ve heard that before, but I really think I’m serious about that now. The fallout, pain and chronic battle with depression really produces a perfect storm, and I think the storm is more sailable without a book.

And I think there will be more money in the cleaning book. I want to monetize the podcast, so that will be slower going than the book, and I don’t have a microphone yet either. The microphone I’m looking at looks pretty sweet.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at now, and I might delve into the memoir thing here like I’ve done in the past, so that will scratch the itch.

Thanks for reading you guys.

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