Overcoming Obstacles

zohre-nemati-459056-unsplashOvercoming obstacles makes a person stronger. Never begrudge how hard something is. Even when you fail you learn more than the success you find.

Case in point happened moments ago. We ate dinner watching basketball, and I thought about letting the dishes wait in the kitchen until tomorrow. I forced myself to get started even though while doing it I ate too many saltines and butter, and more candy than I should have. I made my way through washing the dishes, the guilt of eating too much, and I even flossed and brushed my teeth before I arrived here to share this with you.

Something remarkable happened while I was doing the dishes. I retraced recent steps thinking about my own obstacles and the obstacles of individuals we know. Had I not gotten up from the sofa to do those dishes the epiphanies I had would not have come. Action precedes inspiration. Sitting at a coffeehouse might produce inspiration for some, but when I get up and do something physical I have more inspiration than when I sip on a venti mocha at Starbucks. I’m not knocking the time you spend sitting at Starbucks because sometimes that’s needed, but when you get up and serve something more powerful happens. You don’t have to be married or have kids to do this either. If you’re single go visit a widow or widower. Start going to church and get involved.

Each one of us has things that grind us into a deep hole of unproductive thinking. When we refuse to give into thinking that sabotages our success we cross a chasm that millions never cross.

At the end of this is the importance of being able to sit still without your phone, without guilt and shame, and deciding that because of the value of our worth in the presence of God we should never second guess how valuable we are.

Obstacles are there for a reason. Sometimes they arrive because of choices we make and sometimes they come because of choices others make, and sometimes it’s a little bit of both.

Action always produces consequences. Move on with all that is in you. Learn from the failure and mistakes, but don’t ever give up.

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