Whom Shall I Follow?

matt-botsford-566660-unsplashAs I was reading Julia Cameron’s The Writing Diet I came across this incredible jewel.

What we think and feel does matter. As we see that each day is filled with many tiny choice points where we can act and react differently, we begin to respond to life more as we wish to respond to it and less as hapless victims. (pg. 21, hardbound)

Julia Cameron is a brilliant artist and writer. All of us get blocked from our creative productive selves because life knocks us down everyday. Do not give up. I don’t know why failure is like a gut punch, but when we experience it or observe it in the life of another it drags into a pit of despair that some of us never climb out. So many of you who follow me or read my drivel don’t have to be reminded of the plethora of despairs you experience daily, and I’m not going to because I think that’s the ultimate reason I do not write my memoirs. I don’t want to be reminded of the failures that I lived through, and I don’t want to underscore the failures of others who led me there. I realize I ultimately took myself there, but when you care enough about others being honest about the fact that your actions can control others is wise. I understand Eleanor Roosevelt said no one can make you feel inferior without your consent, but I disagree. The actions of others affect me, and even though I can’t ultimately blame them for my reality I will not sugar coat it and pretend like it didn’t happen.

If the actions of others don’t affect us than the death of Jesus didn’t really matter, and His resurrection was only His personal experience. Obviously that is a lie.

My brother Jason is right. What we do matters. I’ve admired Jason and Leah, and the fact they chose to move back here from LA is a blessing I’ve failed to thank God for. I repent right here for the whole world to see. They are raising three precious kids to multiple their training in the world, and when I watch them I marvel at our gracious LORD. What they have overcome and what they are achieving is a testament to the fact that what you do matters.

We must not ignore the good in our world even thought the “experts” who report the news every night want bad damaging news to broadcast to the masses as if that is what is happening. Sure, evil is happening, but when masses consume a steady diet of bad news then depression and despair run rampant. Feed your mind with the things that drive the good people in fly over country. New York and LA have been leading our country into despair since they were founded, and it’s time for the fly over country to tell them that normal is us. We get up in the morning after a rested night’s sleep, we go to work and we offer our best, and we go home at night to our families for a delicious meal before we retire and get up again to do the same thing. That’s a good life. That’s a pure life. That’s not a life selling out to despair, but it is a life that our country was founded on in Jesus Christ.

Today is Memorial Day, and we remember those who gave their lives defending our nation. We grieve the loss of those we love, but we know we will be reunited with them. This life here and now with all it’s brokenness is but a reflection of the glory that is before us, and if we put all our eggs in this basket we are sadly misled by the evil one who lies to us 24/7. Don’t let him do that. Don’t let him take your ability to blush away. Don’t let him deceive you. He may not know who you are personally, but his army is vast enough that he has sent an angel to torment you. He has agents on the ground leveraging their resources to your destruction. He’s the captain of a very large network of evil doers who never sleep, and even though he is not all knowing or all powerful his knowledge and power will convince you through his network to do things God has forbidden.

You will worship and follow something, and what you worship and follow will influence you to make choices. Make a choice to worship and follow the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus. He’s all loving, powerful and able to lead you where you need and want to be.

That other guy? Not so much.

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  1. As always an enjoyable post. What you said,
    “You will worship and follow something, and what you worship and follow will influence you to make choices. ”
    Many people don’t realize how their choices are influenced by what they surround themselves with. I see a lot of Christian young people not caring about what they surround themselves with; who they hang with; what they do. Every choice has a reaction whether good or bad.


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