Going To Church?

Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash

Usually I’m at church at this time on Sunday, but we made the choice not to go this morning. I tried to pull the service up on our tv, but I never could pair my phone with our Vizio. Moving on.

I went out to cut some limbs down in the front yard, but I read from Intentional Living by John Maxwell before I did that, and I had some delicious breakfast casserole my better-half made Saturday morning, and I downed quite a few cups of joe to join the land of the living! I think that’s one of the longest sentences I’ve typed.

Taft and I have been emailing back and forth, and we finally decided to meet up for breakfast on Tuesday. That dude has lit a fire under me. He’s also the one who hooked me up with Intentional Living. I cannot underscore the significance that book is making in my life. It makes me think about a framed image we have in our office. The quote is as follows.

A book is a present you can open again and again.

I’m not sure who said it, but my wife has had that framed piece of art since high school. It’s so true, and I don’t have to convince any of you to read because I don’t think any of you that visit here are non-readers.

I think that’s the real reason we go to the beach, so we can read! Ha ha! My better-half was asking me about Intentional Living, and I was telling her that it’s taught me the difference between good intentions and intentional living. Good intentions does not mean you are living intentionally. You have to act on your good intentions. Living intentionally is a choice. Good intentions doesn’t mean you are choosing to act upon those intentions, but if you choose to act upon them then you are living intentionally. My example is when I have intentions to get up in the morning to make coffee. Intentional living is actually getting up and making coffee.

Acting is more important than talking about what we are going to do. That doesn’t mean we don’t dream, plan and prepare because those things are essential. What it does mean is that we must realize that at some point we have to act upon our wishes and desires in order for them to be realized.

I like the way John Maxwell helps me to think about those things because he is a master at simplifying the process. He calls me to focus on one thing. I’ve struggled with that my entire life. I look at too many things to accomplish at one time, and I get too many irons in the fire. This way makes sense to someone like me who isn’t a ten talented person. Those people are there, and I think my acquaintance Steve Flatt is like that, but for most of us we have to narrow down that one thing.

I’ve finally learned that my one thing is business in the context of maid service. I was formally trained to be a pastor,  and I think I’m still accomplishing that calling, but like John Maxwell it has evolved into the world of business. I think some call that vocational ministry, but I’m in good company because many of the Apostles were vocational by choice, yet they continued to advance the Gospel. My favorite biblical Hebrew figure is Joseph, and my favorite New Testament figure is Barnabas. I like Joseph for the odds he overcame to achieve affluence, and I like Barnabas because he was known as a man who encouraged others.

Putting words around my identity has always been helpful, and I think you can obviously see that the Thursday night I spent with Jared and Taft were life transforming moments, and next to becoming a Christian, husband and father I think I’ll forever be thankful for those experiences. God’s presence is the common denominator in all of those, and as the years pass by Emmanuel (God with us) continues to impact me as I journey through life.

The fact that Emmanuel is an eternal aspect to our souls is an even deeper component to our existential questions, and to exhaust His love, mercy and grace is a mute point as I continue apologize His eternal goodness. This faith, as I’ve written before, is no longer my mom and dad’s faith that took me to church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night, rather it is a living an active faith that despite not going to church this morning He is indeed deep within my heart, mind and soul at this very moment. It goes beyond religion as DC Talk sings about, and it makes no apologies for being a follower of Jesus Christ.

I hope if you don’t know Him you’ll come to know Him.

Grace and peace.


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