evgeni-tcherkasski-MCGnamvqEac-unsplashI posted over on LinkedIn this morning before leaving the office. I’m looking forward that post response tomorrow morning. It’s going to be all about the difference between two prospects I sold to.

It’s also going to be about my attitude through good and bad. It’s amazing how your attitude can turn things around. They may not turn that “thing” around, but you can move on much quicker with a good attitude.

Battling the evil one is so entrenched in our war with evil that stuff like this is so important. As you know there are books written about it. The Bible itself is story after story about mankind turning against and turning back to God. Being a believer does not exempt you from suffering. Being a believer does not mean you won’t have a bad attitude. Being a believer does not mean you won’t act entitled. Being a believer does require you to soften your heart to the ways of Jesus when it becomes hard. No one gets their way in all “things.” What do you do when that happens? Do you run back to mommy and daddy or your guardian crying, “Unfair!” Life’s unfair peaches, so you’d better learn to develop a good attitude in the face of unfair. You don’t have to like it, and in fact you can bang on God’s chest because He’s strong enough to take it. Don’t curse Him like Job’s wife suggested, but make a decision now that when suffering comes do everything in your power with the Holy Spirit infused within you to choose joy. My brother Jason taught me about joy.

Jason said happiness has to do with happenings. You’re happy so long everything is hunky dory. Joy is much deeper than that. Paul had joy shackled in chains deep within prison. Joy is looking suffering in the face knowing that nothing can separate you from all mighty God. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt like hell, but it does mean that He can take the pain away if He chooses when we ask. He didn’t do that for Paul. Paul asked Him to remove the “thorn in his flesh.” God said no. Paul accepted it. Paul knew He could remove it. He didn’t lack the faith that God was powerful enough to heal the malady, but he accepted the fact that God said no.

God’s vision is longer and deeper than ours (Isaiah 55). I am proponent for free-will, but my God prepared for me wonderful acts of service I have completed, but there are still some to come. He has gone before me to prepare the way in light of what I bring to the people in those places. As I frame my thinking to include that train of thought I not only choose a good attitude, but I yield to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my LORD. He partners with us in developing good attitudes. He does not lord it over us as He is more than capable of doing. He makes this next statement true by His presence. Nothing can be won by force what can only be won by submission. Persecutors of Christians think they can silence Jesus by murdering His followers, but in so many ways they make the message louder. He doesn’t need stones to cry out when the blood of martyrs is a testament to the validity of his death, burial and resurrection.

That’s what ultimately gives me a good attitude. God is not wringing His hands in worry and fear that His will is not accomplished. It’s being accomplished as I write. Why would I not choose to align my attitude with that promise?

That does not mean that I don’t fight depression. It doesn’t mean that in the morning I won’t wake up afraid of something. It doesn’t mean I won’t sin ever again. It does mean that because of what He did on earth I have a place near Him for eternity.

If that doesn’t give you a good attitude check for a pulse.

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