unsplash-NuFUbftUu_s-unsplashI have an incredible experience coming this week, and I’m beside myself with excitement. I think it’s a game changer. It’s a game changer because even though the game started in 2007 I haven’t given up in the face of adversity.

I’ve given up in the face of adversity, but in this context I have not. That feels amazingly good in the face of depression.

Obviously some of my identity is tied to mental illness, and that has been within me since I was a very young child. I am a middle aged man now striving to build a successful business, and even though failure is a “friend” a breakthrough of hope is happening. That’s huge. To ignore it and not blog about it would be ignorant. I’ll come back to this post for encouragement many times.

The power of words is underestimated, and crafting them to create a semantic is even more so. I don’t care who you are, but if you are reading this you can write. If you’re the only person who reads your writing powerful things happen when you read them days, months and years later. You will not regret writing period. Write when your sick. Write when you are well. Write when you’re poor. Write when you are rich.

The power of the pen is mightier than the sword, but when the words are internalized breakthrough happens.

Gratitude is also a breakthrough game changer. When you write out what you’re thankful for it’s hard not to be moved positively by it. I think that’s how people like Victor Frankl were able to do what they did. They looked obstacles in the face, saw the things they were thankful for, and they were able to survive and succeed.

You may not want to be where you are. You may not want to do what you have to do, but when you decide to see the things you are thankful for in that moment(s) something incredible happens to propel you over the suffering.

I know it’s hard. It seems impossible, and you might even quit but know this. You have a God who loves you more than life. He has put within you the Spirit that never forsakes you, and Jesus Himself talks to the Father about you. He doesn’t expect you to be like anyone else, and He never compares you the way you compare yourself to others when you scroll through social media. Remember that. His love catapults you into greatness even when failure has been a constant companion for years. I’ve closed many an essay with the following song lyrics. They’re appropriate again.

Jesus take this heart of mine. Make it pure and holy Thine. Thou hast bled and died for me. I will hence forth live for Thee.

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