Crafting Life

Photo by Debby Ledet on Unsplash

I’ve fought depression since the third grade, but I’ve also crafted words as well. Dad was preaching for a little church in Kansas when I was in the third grade, and I wrote a short story about a football game. I don’t think it’s still around, but my mom has surprised many times before with what jewels she has found at Goodloe.

If the Ram can go from California across the country to Florida up through Tennessee to South Dakota and Michigan, Arkansas and die in Tennessee then you’d be surprised what else surfaces in the wreckage. Eva and Joe have had an epic journey. This earth is better for it.

Crafting words is a dying art even though there are over 200k new book titles every year. I wonder how many of those authors would type one word if they weren’t compensated. I love to write. Sure, I’d love to be paid for my writing, but I’m not disciplined enough to go there, so I write word after word here and on LinkedIn. As I sit here listening to the WAYFM app I marvel at my own epic journey, and the turns it has taken good and bad. Following Jesus continues to be the most important choice I make everyday, and I’m thankful through it all my heart remains soft for His kindness and gentleness. I receive mercy and love constantly from the help of His presence, and even through the ugliness of my sin I’ve been a recipient of gentleness in my rough and harsh ways.

Forgiveness has to factor in somewhere here because it’s an underrated discipline for someone like me who “glorifies” revenge. It’s a humbling prospect when I ponder what Jesus himself could have done in calling legions of angels to rescue him. If we could truly ponder the power of the Godhead I think fear would engulf us to the point of paralysis. I don’t fear death, and maybe I should, but when I acknowledge a human being who willingly submitted to it in all his human essence I know there is power in “death.” There is power because as my friend Dean says, “He wouldn’t stay dead.” There’s pain, obstacles and death in our journey here, but when we consider the temporary state of our bodies and minds as they break down it pales in comparison to the joy set before us. Doug Varnado continues to impress upon me as an agent of the King the power of our Father’s presence. We underestimate the simple breathing in and out of our LORD’s name be it Yahweh, Adonai, Jesus, LORD, Savior or Jehovah. Invoking His omnipresence is not just pausing to ask Him to help you make an A on a test. It’s pausing through every moment of studying to make an A on the test.

The Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are resplendent with stories of God operating faster than greased lightening, and He most certainly can do amazing things in less than a second, but I’ve found it’s more “normal” to see and feel His sustaining power through a marathon. I don’t know if Creation took place over thousands of years, or if we should take the Creation account at face value in that the days represented 24 hour periods. It doesn’t matter because we do know that a day is like a thousand years in His sight and vice versa.

Do I tire that my business is no closer to what I want it to be here on year twelve? It wears me out. I want what I want when I want it like any other normal American. I’m not self-righteous to the point that I’m afraid to admit that. I’ve been hasty and impatient at times in many things I’ve tried to accomplish, and my business is no exception because where I go there I am. I get to hurry up and wait just like you. It’s frustrating, tiring and exhausting. I don’t give up. I keep praying for blessings, and I even ask others to ask Him to bless me. And they do.

I love these moments still, and though I lament I offer deep expressions of gratitude for the roof above my head, the food in my stomach and the clothes on my back, yet I know the God of abundance who inspired such writers like King David who wrote, “…my cup runneth over.” Our cups run over to bless others. They don’t run over to call attention to us. They don’t run over so someone can me impressed with the kind of car we drive or what zip code we live in. They run over to bring Him praise and glory and honor.

Let’s never forget that. There are so many talking heads in the world today, but through the noise only One is worth listening to.

His name is Father.


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