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Last night we had dinner with friends at their house. It was a wonderful experience. We broke bread, our daughters spent time together, and the conversation was superb. Our daughters have been together since kindergarten, and now they are freshman in high school. That sentence alone is huge for me. I grew up in 8 States and 1 US territory. I never had a friend longer than 2 years.

This post is not a lamentation, but that information was important to explain, “That sentence alone is huge for me.” We have worked hard to establish roots, but we also are giving our daughter wings to fly. There will be things she will have to overcome because of things we did not get right, but we have a God who is more powerful than our families of origin. We are challenged everyday to trust our Father for things we don’t understand. There are things in my past I wish had not happened, but that doesn’t change the reality of them. I must grieve them the way anyone grieves loss.

Focusing on the good takes intentionality that doesn’t just happen. Leaning into the God who reads my every thought is a promise He makes over and over from Genesis to Revelation. His word never returns void, and like the Scripture says it’s living and active. It’s not a stagnant collection of books that I dissect the way an English professor might analyze books like the Iliad and the Odyssey. I believe the people in the Bible walked this earth in the presence of the same God I worship today. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, born of virgin, lived on this earth, was sinless, died and was raised to conquer death and redeem us all from sin. Like WAYFM affirms it’s not good news it’s the greatest news.

When my family and I corporately worship with our church family today Jesus is the One we praise. We lift His name as God over sin sanctifying us 24/7 as we draw near to Him.

That’s part of why last night was so important. We broke bread with friends who believe that as well. When God looks down on His children He sees one church. He sees human beings who need Him, and He personally knows the challenges we must overcome to be near Him. He longs for our worship, adoration and awareness that He is everywhere all the time. Nothing can separate us from the perfect loving Father because Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection abolished everything that separates us from Him. We can not only approach Him directly, but we can approach Him anytime anywhere under any conditions.

We must remember that. Satan is the father of lies. His power is great, and we must never mock him because he is more powerful then us. He is no match for the Father of love who threw him down to earth out of heaven. That’s not Greek mythology. That’s a reality I live everyday, and though I refuse to fear Satan and his underlings I respect his agenda knowing the lives he continues to destroy. Our God is not wringing His hands in the heavens worried about His will being done. His love drives time longer and longer for those who have yet to obey His call. Read what John 3.16 says.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son. That whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life.

That verse cannot be quoted enough. He loves the world. Satan is motivated from hate, manipulation, division and jealousy. He is on a mission of destruction, and he’s doing a wonderful job of it. I am one voice out of billions who confess Jesus Christ as LORD, and even death cannot stop that.

There are billions this very day across all 24 hour time zones who are lifting the name of Jesus as LORD. Satan abhors Sunday the way so many westerners hate their jobs they go to on Monday morning.

God is good. He’s always been good, and even when bad times come that good will still be among us. Nothing can separate us from God’s love.


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