Staring Into The Void

Willian Justen de Vasconcelloswillian-justen-de-vasconcellos-7jwHx5q7WeA-unsplashI found myself thinking that I enjoy the blank screen. So many times I’ve come here only to fill empty to express my thoughts, and the blank screen has intimidated me. I’m sure you can relate. We’ve actually come here, not typed a word and logged out haven’t we? It happens because we think, to use a baseball metaphor, every sentence has to be a homerun. Julia Cameron has taught us they aren’t going to be. Seinfeld made millions from a show about nothing. Wow. Just wow. If Friends was about a real group of friends imagine the drama. Truth is stranger than fiction. When we say you can’t make this stuff up there is so much truth behind that statement. Who in their right mind would create a story like the Genesis account of creation or the fact that Jesus would die at about the age of 33 to be raised 3 days later? You can’t tell me J.K. Rowling wasn’t influenced by that biblical account in her creation of Harry Potter. You can tell me, but I won’t believe it.

It’s the whole scenario of does art depict life, or does life depict art? I think it’s both. Take the Godfather for example. After the first movie came out in 1972, the year of my birth, made men started imitating some of the things in the movie. That’s an example of life depicting art. The movie correctly portrayed Sicily as being a corrupt place where the Mafia was born. That’s art depicting life. Not everything in film, television and novels is fiction. But there is still personal choice involved when it comes to the media I consume. Movies influence and inspire me, but I don’t go out and imitate everything I consume.

I strive to be led by the principles found in the Bible, but you’ll see that some of the stories in the Bible are R or X rated. Jesus came into a world that was beset by evil, and just because someone goes to church doesn’t mean they are exempt from the problems and sins a non-church goer struggles with. I’ve been told by Christians that I need to pray, read the Bible more and try harder to overcome my depression. I’ve been told that the medication I take is wrong. No wonder I come to the blank page with nothing to offer. With “friends” like that who needs enemies? Here’s what I say to that. Listen closely to what someone is saying without the need to formulate a response. If a response is needed the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you to say at the right time.

And maybe that’s what I need to consider when I login into WordPress, and the blank page rocks my world. Maybe the timing isn’t right to make an offering. God is in control. He’s always been in control. He’s in control as I type these words. He’ll be in control tomorrow if tomorrow comes.

Let’s stop blaming our problems on other people and the cards we’ve been dealt. Let’s strive to understand even when we are angry, confused or afraid that God loves us despite our thoughts and feelings, and when “blank screens” or “blank pages” stare us down know that our childhood song Jesus Loves Me is the deepest Theology we express.


  1. Amen, my friend. God is in control. He knows when the page should be blank for a time and when words should come and what they should be. And that Jesus loves us is the best and truest thing we can ever know.

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