Redemption Now

Photo by Clement Eastwood on Unsplash

I was reading Genesis this morning where Israel finds out Joseph is still alive. The Scripture says he was revived. That resonated with me as I drink my second cup of coffee.

A family situation from years past crossed my mind too. I went from those thoughts to redemption as happened between Jacob (Israel), and his son Joseph. I’m looking at a picture of my dad with my brother Joel and me in Guam we think, and it puts joy in my heart. I can only imagine what kind of joy Jacob’s family had when they were united with Joseph in Egypt.

Love, redemption and reunion are the subject of this post. Our dog Lucy is having surgery today because a lump on her back right side has come back. We assume it’s malignant because the one before was, and we think the tradeoff is worth at least another 4-5 years of time with her. She’s not in any pain, and her cripple is barely noticeable. She runs back and forth like an 11 year old dog should, but the lump is bigger than it was last time. We don’t want to take any chances. She brings joy to the whole family, and when we go to the beach my parents love to have her the week we are there.

Family is essential to the foundation of society. It causes the greatest hurt, but it can be the source of incredible joy. The story of Joseph and my own personal testimony is proof of that. It’s past time to get serious about making our families places of refuge where love is unconditional. Satan has been destroying families since the beginning of time, but God’s repairing of families has been redeeming families in the same breath.

Sometimes all that looks like is showing up to a meal. Showing up to a game or meet. Forgiving those who have hurt us because when you harbor revenge, hate or anger nothing good comes from that. Don’t ignore those things. Get help to deal with them. Get professional help, and lean heavily on your church family for healing. It bereaves God when we hurt, and abundant life He writes about in the Bible is plentiful with language that God wants us to be happy and filled with joy. You can’t do that when hate reigns.

Stop demanding others do life the way you think they should do life. If they anger you walk away and regroup. Pray for them. Look at them and smile. You don’t have to say a word. Read a book about building a strong family. Forgive, forgive and forgive.

Write about the pain you suffer. Leave nothing back when you meet with your counselor. Take the medication your psychiatrist prescribes. Get 8 hours of sleep every night. Deal ruthlessly with the leveraged evil Satan uses to take you down. Turn the tv off. Turn your phone off if you can. Sit in silence and listen to what our Father is telling you.

These things won’t happen over night. Be patient. Be merciful to yourself when you fail because failure is going to happen. Be kind when someone abuses you because they will. We live in a very broken world, but the Father is fixing it.

Believe that with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

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