God’s activity in my life is always comforting. We just came from church, and the decisions we made about post church activities were clearly God led. His leading and guiding continues to astound me as time passes by.

If you’re someone who is not a believer in this God I write about I’m not looking to force Him upon you, but I invite you to consider that He will guide you when you place your faith and trust in Him. That might also lead you to a church where I believe God can do great things in your life. Pain and hardship aren’t taken away when you become involved in a church, but there will be people who will walk with you through the suffering you face and will face.

We were made for community. Those communities can change, but they can also endure for many years and sometimes a lifetime. The things of this world pass away, but God is not regulated or limited by geography, structure, denomination or finances.

My church family Cross Point Church is spot on. “Anything’s Possible.” Thank you for writing that Cross Point creators because it’s true.

We all have setbacks, obstacles and negative emotions that hold us back, but when we believe in a Father who defeated death anything is possible.

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