Depression can turn my emotions on a dime. I took my generic Prozac this morning, but I opened my email, and one of them made my heart drop into my stomach. Praise the Father I have the presence of mind to write that. The email might be a companies manipulative way of getting me to open the hard piece of mail when I get it. It’s amazing how manipulative sales departments from greedy companies prey on your fears. What they don’t realize is that some of us will reject them because of such practices. Don’t scare me into buying your service or product. If I want to buy it I’ll buy it. I don’t need you to pull any wool over my eyes. Sleezy sales practices piss me off. Life is scary enough without having to be intimidated by John or Jane Doe.

Do those jerks who do that like it when they don’t catch others who do it to them? What comes around goes around, and if you’re willing to cheat someone out of financial gain don’t you think it’ll happen to you? You can count on it.

You don’t even have to be a Jesus follower to appreciate that. Even unbelievers practice the Golden Rule. And here’s a reminder to believers. If you don’t get caught in this lifetime you will in the next. We’ll all give an account to what we do on this earth believer and non-believer. There’ll be nothing to hide behind, especially a piece of mail in a mailbox. The Father is all-knowing, and what Satan did in “secret” against Job is now revealed to anyone who reads or listens to the story of Job. Kind of funny that Adam and Eve tried to “hide” in the Garden after they ate the “apple.” What lengths Satan goes to in deceiving us. He is indeed the father of lies.

He makes our fears worse, and even when we have nothing to fear he replaces that with fear.

I’m over Satan. I know he is powerful, and I know I can’t put him in a little box and seal it, but I don’t have to be controlled by his deceitful ways. The same goes for his angels.

As a child of the King the power I have at my disposal is great, and I refuse to be made afraid or angry. That’s my prayer because I know it’s going to take continuous prayer to the Father to make it happen, and it’s an inside to outside job, so what better way to close out a post like this than with a prayer?

Father, I don’t have to tell you about the work of Satan. Deliver us from his lies, fear and anger. Replace those things with love, peace and hope. Take away from us the desire to change others. Empower us to change from the inside out, and empower us to think like your Son. In His name I pray amen.

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