Master of One

Q6pI0mpZTLmNacLeq3pg_MOO_coverI have come across a book I want you to know about. It’s called Master of One, and the author is Jordan Raynor. It’s about entrepreneurship and business. It’s written unabashedly from a Judeo-Christian worldview, and it has created another deep level of commitment from me to cleaning houses. All of life is sacred whether you are employed by the church or not. Whatever you do you’ve been called to bring glory to God, and that means you bring your best effort to everything you do from scrubbing a toilet to operating on a patient.

Master of One comes out January 21, and you can pre-order your copy wherever books are sold. It’s also going to be available as an ebook.

Mr. Raynor is a devout Jesus follower, husband, father and serial entrepreneur. He has changed dirty diapers, but he has also rubbed shoulders with people in the White House. His freshman project Called to Create was a best seller, and as I understand it it’s still doing well on Amazon. Master of One is going to be a classic that we will read a hundred years from now, and I can’t wait to give it out like candy to my employees and people I deeply care about.

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