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mukul-joshi-O-cLHKU_IIc-unsplashHi all! First of all I’m excited to tell my friend Caralyn we’re coming to NYC probably in the fall sometime. If you’re in town Chloe and I want to have coffee with you good lady. I’ll keep you posted.

These last 12 years I’ve been in business for myself have been the hardest and most wonderful years of my life. I’m sure my fellow entrepreneurs can relate. I had an epiphany today that I’m going to keep to myself as I unfold it somewhat for you my loyal readers. I’ve also been thinking for some time about connecting this blog with my commercial website over at cleanhouses dot biz. Any insight or advice is welcomed. I’ve tried a few times since the creation of cleanhouses dot biz to get a blog going, but obviously that didn’t pan out. I think if I use a “personal” blog mixed with marketplace posts here and there more traffic will come.

Recent experience has me leaning toward a small operation rather than leveraging a franchise system. So much of what people buy from me is just that, me. When they know I’m on every job then that becomes a closing tool. I think if I was sending out multiple teams to clean there would be less to separate me from the competition. Grant it, if I trained my team to clean just like me with the attention to detail I bring we might make a dent in the industry, but I actually enjoy the cleaning, and if I regulate myself to a desk job I don’t think I’d like the tradeoff.

I go back and forth as you very well know. I could type a post tomorrow for an argument in the opposite direction! I’m so bright my dad calls me son! 🙂

Once again, many thanks to the 48 Days Eagle community for the encouragement you all have been. Dan Miller and 48 Days continues to add incredible value to so many in the self-employed sector. I’m very thankful for them.

As a sole proprietor there are things I can do that small business owners with more than one employee can’t do. I can pivot fast like a point guard. If I need to clear my schedule for something it’s usually not a problem. Bigger is not always better. That doesn’t mean I don’t strive for a profit because I do, but it does mean I have freedom some business people don’t.

I have to wear many hats, but when you can automate several things it makes the grind easier.

Resistance created this latest thought process, and even though no’s are no fun sometimes they force people like me to get creative. That’s huge for someone who fights depression too. Usually our minds take us to dark places, but when they can take us to light places we need to be fast about celebrating them.

When I go up against evil I have a tendency to become paralyzed. When Joseph was propositioned by Potiphar’s wife he did not hesitate to sprint out of there to avoid what surely would have been his death. The consequences to his actions hardly seemed fair, but I think in the long term he was rewarded for his purity.

I don’t know what you’re up against, but I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened as you stay near the Father who never gives up on us.

Grace and peace dear ones.

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  1. Lots of wisdom here! Thank you! And I agree- there is something about being hands on in a small business. It really makes a difference.


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