I’ve posted this existential question before. I wish I could tag each post that it was asked, but I am not that smart or organized.

Christendom is a broad term that describes Catholics and Protestants like myself. We label each other even in the church because it gives us a point of reference. It’s been happening since the beginning of time. Labels aren’t a bad thing, but what Jesus came to bring wasn’t a world devoid of labels, rather it was a world united in love. Some think love means we condone whatever a person chooses to do. Others think love forces a persons hand by threatening them with martyrdom. Both camps are wrong. God’s presence neither condones nor threatens, much less take life because someone doesn’t choose Him.

Christ Jesus was sinless. His sacrifice gave my father-in-law David peace and confidence to leave this life. That same sacrifice is sustaining those of us left behind to live abundant lives even though our pain deeply hurts. Pain is a reality none of you reading this has or will escape, but we persevere with hope knowing He has overcome the world.

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