End It

jonathan-borba-z62Y08iYsKM-unsplashSomeone needs to read and hear that God is in control. It doesn’t feel like it at times, and the boredom that sets in can lull one into a state of indifference, but it’s true. My church family, Cross Point, does a great job of bringing us into the presence of the Father at noon and 7pm with worship and prayer everyday, and Pastor Kevin’s messages these past 2 Sundays have been incredibly encouraging. We are in a series about the I AM statements, and God’s presence everywhere couldn’t be more appropriate.

I’m headed out to deep clean a house today for a high-risk person, but I am beyond thankful they called me to replace two who canceled. Not only is the Father with us, but He provides. Jehoveh-Jireh is not some fancy biblical Hebrew scholars spout. It’s as real as the Greek Emmanuel. As we pray for a vaccine and healing to those who have contracted COVID-19 we lean heavily upon the fact that God is with us even when we deny it. Denying it and not believing doesn’t negate the reality. Even Jesus wondered from the cross why the Father forsook him.

He’ll never leave us. He tells us that over and over through the Bible, others and in real-time through the Holy Spirit (Agios Pneuma).

I love you each and everyone, and I am praying this pandemic be over. But God’s timing is not mine, yet I still pray it end now.

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