I’m Done With It!

Photo by Tim Tebow Foundation on Unsplash

If this kind of situation doesn’t mess with those of us who fight depression then I don’t know what will.

I hate routine disruption. It flies in the face of the way I grew up. Moving somewhere different every two years till I could control that as an adult. That’s not fair to my family of origin because some of that was out of their control as well, but there’s a reason I’ve chosen to stay in this house for 14 years.

Change is hard anyway it happens. Whether you lose someone dear to you, a tornado rips through town or a pandemic sweeps the globe there’s not easy way to get through it. God expects us to lament and grieve the loss of what we thought was going to be. I think that’s what I’m learning. I’m learning to lean into His presence as I know this is an opportunity to focus on the unseen. But He’s just as concerned about the things that are seen, and so I pray He take the coronavirus away, so that we can resume “normal” activities.

Every single individual, family and business has felt the ramifications of this crisis, and like death and taxes no one is exempt. My prayers go up for the ones who are fighting COVID-19 and their family members, but I also lift up my nuclear family in these four walls who are striving to love each other better despite the circumstances. Like Kevin told us yesterday we have a shepherd who protects us, and I am beyond thankful we do because without him social distancing would cripple us. We didn’t need another reason to divide us, and I long for the time we can see each other face to face.

We weren’t made for isolation or distrust. We were made to interact and love each other, and even though those things continue there is a longing for deeper connection that only face to face interaction can give. Cross Point and many other churches are still being the church, but worshiping through a screen is not my idea of being with others in the name of Jesus.

Come LORD Jesus and stamp out this virus.


  1. Yep. I feel you. Praying hard for everyone now. Routine disruption is rough. I can’t even really be on here much with homeschooling four kids. I miss the fellowship from my fellow bloggers, but I am striving to find joy and use this extra time with them as a gift. Blessings to you in these tough times, brother.


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