Turn Your Eyes

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Who you are in Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters. So many things in this life seek to define you, but the only thing that matters is that Jesus loves you. It sounds like a silly little Sunday School song, but it truly is the deepest theological meditation you’ll ever engage in. Fix your eyes on Jesus is repeating itself over and over in my mind, and I hear the song “Turn your eyes upon Jesus,” on repeat too. This quarantine and even when I’ve gone out to clean has itself provided opportunities to fix my eyes on Jesus. Last night as I began to retire laying in my bed my mind began to betray me, and I intentionally reminded myself through the power of the Holy Spirit that I am who I am because of the work of Jesus Christ. You have to be intentional about that everyday.

Our free-will is a blessing, but it can be a curse when lies creep into our thinking. You can’t do a single thing about the thoughts that enter your mind, but you can most certainly choose what you do with those thoughts. Temptation is common to all, but you don’t have to give into temptation. Temptation sometimes tells me my failures define me. It will tell me that my haters will destroy me. It will tell me I’m no good, and I just need to hide to keep my own hate from destroying others. Those things can happen, but the reality of those scenarios is not greater than the power of Christ in me. Satan thought he had defeated Jesus at 3:00pm that Friday afternoon. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The darkness that followed was literal and figurative, and the Apostles and other disciples hid later on because they did not want to join him in death by the Romans, Pharisees or their followers. We would have done the same thing.

Who are you when all bets are off? Are you only happy when everybody “likes” you? Does it take a bucket full of money to make you happy? Maybe you’ve just been given a diagnosis for a terrible illness that is irreversible. Maybe you’re like me and you fight a mental illness that is unrelentless. My heart goes out to all of you. My heart is heavy for all of us who weathering this COVID-19 fiasco. I’ve prayed many times as we have broken bread in our dining room for God to take it away. I will continue to pray that because I know in my heart of hearts that He can. I prayed continually that He would save David, but as you know David is gone. The Father’s presence even in death fills us with hope. Who we claim to be will be tested by fire. It may not be today or tomorrow, but this pandemic has certainly woken us up to who we really are.

So who are you? When you’re left alone with your own thoughts who do you choose to believe? You might be a single person as I know at least one of you reading this is. You might me one of a large family under the same roof as you battle this pandemic we’re in. I don’t know. What I do know is that Jesus Christ wants you to know he loves you more than life. He laid his down for you. He sent the Holy Spirit is the “absence” of himself on Earth to sustain you till he returns. Believe in Him precious one. Put your faith in Him. Find a church to plug into to make your faith stronger. I understand your frustration with organized religion. Believe me I understand, but I refuse to give up on it because I know the gates of Hades cannot destroy it.

Organized religion sucks because it’s made up of people, but the bottom line for the church is Jesus. If we get our thinking right about Jesus we get organized religion right. Will we always agree? No, but that’s not the point. The point is that Jesus reigns supreme in our love for truth and purity, and when we stop making life and church about ourselves we can surely turn our eyes upon Him, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Jesus take this heart of mine. Make it pure and holy Thine. Thou hast bled and died for me. I will henceforth live for Thee. Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me, for the Bible tells me so.

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