Healing Happens

fabrizio-verrecchia-ukHpRQTnTEk-unsplashTime does not heal all wounds. That is also a loaded statement. Time makes wounds more bearable, but loss and grief are never fully relinquished.

I think forgiveness makes this possible. Forgiveness is also a researched reality in secular settings as it is also a reality that people like me who attribute it to the power of the Holy Spirit as one who calls upon the name of Jesus Christ everyday. Many pop culture celebrities talk and write about the power of forgiveness, and obviously popular and scholarly level theologians talk and write about forgiveness.

The brokenness in our world “demands” this kind of thinking every hour as we move about our world from every corner of it where human beings interact. Even in quarantine we are not immune to being hurt by circumstance and other other people. It’s remarkable really. You’re familiar with the ancient poem about sticks and stones breaking our bones, but words will never hurt us no doubt, but that’s one big huge lie. Words cut to the heart. Non-verbal communication is a twin brother in the mix. Many times we communicate as much non-verbally as we do with our words, but both can be loud and mean. Even two people in two different automobiles on our town or city streets can communicate distrust without obscene gestures or the rolling down of a window to yell at an offender.

Needless to repeat myself, forgiveness is not only a necessity in the moment, but if one does not learn how to exercise some sort of forgiving habit they will destroy themselves in some way if not to bring physical death to themselves.

I want to challenge you to think about forgiveness today. I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t need to ponder this thought. It’s a “super-power” I’ve ignored way too long. It’s more a personal confession than it is a sermon, so I implore us all to seek ways we can let go of the things that have hurt us, and when new situations arise that bring this opportunity to the forefront may we be empowered believer or non-believer to be willing to forgive as quickly as possible.

And it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. I’m not saying we have to walk on eggshells because that’s a terrible way to live, but I am saying we need to be religious about drawing boundaries. I think as a faithful Christian that’s what God is talking about when he tells me he doesn’t give me more than I can stand up under, though that could certainly be argued with.

Life comes at us fast, and more times than not I have to think about it in retrospect. The blood of Jesus Christ saved me 2000 years ago, but it’s power has present and future implications. That is not a license to tell everyone all the time what I’m thinking because when I do there’s no doubt I’ll have opportunity to forgive others and myself. It is something I can lean on heavily every moment of every day to depend upon the power of the Holy Spirit to make me aware of the holiness he has called me to. He didn’t set me apart to be perfect. Yes I know Scripture says to be perfect as he is, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. He set me apart to be his child, and I don’t know any child who is perfect, but I know many children who are so loving and so forgiving. I defer to 1 Timothy 4.12 as I seek to lean into the power of God in me to follow their example.

Please join me. I love you guys.

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