Everything is sacred.


Sun on my skin: Warmandrejuvenating. Exciting and fresh. Peaceful.

The unexpected grateful day: New perspectives.

A cold drink of water in the heat of the day: Refreshment.

A deep sigh of actual rest: Relief.

Sitting safely inside while the rain pours outside: Shelter from the storm.

Or… dancing in a downpour: Receiving.

Putting my glasses on: Clarity of vision.

Cooking a meal that follows an intricate recipe: Many parts in a process. Attentive.

Making lemonade: Bitter into sweet.

Paint on a canvas: Creating.

Reading a book: Revelation.

Going for a run: Release. Forward movement.

Conversation: Opportunity and exchange.

Giving a gift: Thoughtful knowledge of another. Blessing.

Writing a letter: The communication of love for another.

Planting seeds in a garden: Tending. 

Flashlight in a dark room: Illumination.

Photographing a subject: The recognition & capturing of beauty.

Going on a…

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