Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Caralyn’s post about emotional availability is worth a read. I’m fighting the temptation to block it as I write. Depression in my experience is a veteran blocker for emotional availability, and it raises walls that are nearly impenetrable. Battles with bouts of mental illness can have physiological implications as they shorten your breath. I pull out of it by concentrating on my breathing. Inhale through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth. It’s meditation 101, but so many things can be avoided or accomplished if you are able to concentrate on your breathing.

I think this insight can be especially potent if past failures drown out present successes. Time audit something as small as clearing the table, doing the dishes, shaving and showering. When toxic people drain you draw a boundary. Highs and lows are in every season, but when an entire world has been quarantined the way we have never take sanity for granted. Families of origin colliding makes for an interesting experience, and my heart has always been heavy for those who fail.

I see all of this as spiritual battles, but eyes to see the unseen would not help. That level of conflict would terrify us. I’ve seen it fictionally in the movie Ghost, but I don’t think I’m prepared to see it. It would make Ghost look like a Sunday School flannel board or hip Power Point. Be careful what you wish for. If you aren’t prepared it can have far damaging effects that you won’t be able to unsee. Saul regretted summoning Samuel, and that was the beginning of the end for him. The mystery of being a follower of the God we follow should never be left to humans. Humans can me advisors, but complete surrender to God is the only way to go.

You will not be tested or questioned about what you did with the information you get from humans, including this blog, but you will be asked about what you did with the information the Spirit gave you. He’ll take into account the illness we have, but when the rubber meets the road our obedience to his will is what matters.

Make yourself emotionally available to him. When you stay connected to him nothing can befall you even if death comes. Another way of putting it is to quote Scripture.

If God is for us who can be against us?

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