Thank You Moses

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

Psalm 90 is worth every moment you read it. Moses’ prayer to God shows his contrition for striking the rock in anger (Numbers 20). The consequence he suffered for striking the rock instead of speaking to the rock seems harsh, but who am I to judge the Father. It’s proof that God wants obedience, and when we don’t obey, the consequences can indeed be severe.

Adam, Eve, Cain and countless individuals even now try to escape the consequences of their sin. Hiding from God is as ludicrous as trying to tell a police officer I didn’t know the speed limit was 50mph. Ignorance does not excuse anyone from punishment. Rebelling against a loving Father with foreknowledge is even more ignorant.

It’s inevitable that I sin on a daily basis. I continually strive to repent, but my theology is such that I refuse to fear that if the last thing I do is sin that I’m going to perish. Life in the kingdom of God is not a journey along a tightrope. Even in post sin experiences his love is inexhaustible. For him not to love the world is as ludicrous as trying to hide from him. Moses was not rejected my God. He was not allowed to go into the Promised Land. There’s a huge difference. So many of us day after day make this place heaven, and it’s anything but. God’s kingdom is here, but so is sin and the power of evil. He knows this, and he reminds us of that second after second. He doesn’t stand over us flicking us into oblivion with his finger every time we sin. If that were the case there’d be no humans on Planet Earth. He doesn’t swat us away when we get up into his plate of food like my dog. His mercy and love drive us by the power of the Holy Spirit to passages like Psalm 90 in hopes our hearts will be soft to his love. Sin is a reality we all face from youngest to oldest, and the reason the church will never be destroyed is that the Bridegroom will never betray the bride. He is as faithful to us as he was the day we married him. God loves the world. He gave his only Son so that the power of evil does not have to be the controlling factor in our lives. We will sin like Moses. This generational curse has been around for thousands of years, and it could be around for thousands more. None of us know the day he will return. But until he does he wants our minds and hearts to be fully devoted to him.

He doesn’t take pleasure in punishing us, but because of his purity he cannot not address the betrayal we make of him on a daily basis. He takes us back time and time again like Hosea took Gomer. It’s never too late to turn to him. My dad was part of a salvation experience in California of a person who was into their nineties. Never tell God something can’t be done. And when you take matters into your own hands like Moses don’t expect him to overlook that either.

He is a powerful and mighty God who cannot lie or sin in any way. We cannot identify with that kind of character. We can identify with the love he has for each one of us because just as assuredly as sin is here, so is repentance.

That happens inside of me. I hope you’ll join me.

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