Ty Osman

Intentional thinking is a must in life. Bad things habitually happens, and if you aren’t intentional about your thinking they can overshadow the good that happens.

We had a great time last evening with my family, but in the course of the evening I found out my friend Ty passed away in a boating accident. My heart is heavy, but I’m leaning heavily upon the presence of Christ when I experience loss like this. My niece led a beautiful prayer at breakfast this morning, and Pastor Kevin’s words to us were beautiful about the grace of the Father.

Ty’s life touched mine in a deep way, and his Jesus presence was unmistakable. He was from the Miami, Florida area, and he graduated from a school my dad taught at. He came to Nashville to attend Lipscomb, and his work building many Subway restaurants and eventually the amazing Solomon Builders with Gregg Turner have blessed and will continue to bless countless people.

His greatest achievement was in being an incredible husband to Nancy and father to Adair, Ty and Kendall. The Osman’s put Jesus first in all they did, and their generosity is a testament that they believe it all belongs to our Father. Ty was a shepherd at the Woodmont Hills Family of God, and the decade we spent with that amazing church showed me even more how dedicated the Osman’s are to Jesus Christ.

Ty’s death was anything but expected, and the fact that I was texting him days ago is not lost in my mind. It was also just weeks ago he gave me a book called True Riches that is molding my thinking even more about affluence in the kingdom of God.

Ty’s commitment to the kingdom was foremost his greatest legacy, and his love for his family is eternal. He isn’t here for us to break bread with anymore, but none of us was created to stay here forever. We will continue to grieve for Nancy, Adair and Kendall and thousands more who loved Ty, but we do not grieve the way the world grieves. We long for the day when upon the New Earth we will see, hug and talk to both Ty’s who have preceded us.

Death is part of the broken reality we live with daily, but people like Ty embody the fact that the impossible is possible with God.

Ty would not want us to gravel in this terrible tragedy. He would want us to grieve as he grieved for his only son Ty, but the things he accomplished after the Osman’s lost Ty are amazing. May we pay our respects to all who dearly loved Ty, but may we respect him even more by working hard to make this world a better place.

I love you each and everyone.

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