Photo by J Lee on Unsplash

A thirty-three percent close rate is good. Production feels good. I think sometimes you get to the weekend, and when you don’t reflect on the productivity of the week you can have a relapse of whatever mental illness tortures you. Remembrance, activity and writing it out is important even not one single person sees or hears about your progress.

I had three prospects I was working on this week. All three were on the schedule. Ruthie checked off on all of them from her remote place of work. I met with one, and her “funny” faces told me we would not be cleaning her 5k square foot home. If she wanted to pay less for maid service she should have bought a smaller house. I didn’t say that to her. I’m not stupid. The other one hastily emailed her sister already arranged maid service for their parents. Who knows if that was true. Out of my control as a lot has this year. You can no doubt appreciate that. The third one met with me today, and she signed a one year contract! I was elated! I stood outside her swimming pool as gazed at the beauty she had constructed. I don’t get jealous. I get inspired. Follow my example. So many people, especially in the social media age, stew about what they don’t have. If you want it work for it, but if you are a Jesus follower then you rejoice when a brother or sister is successful. That won’t happen overnight, but if you commit to making a change, and do what it takes to make that change then our Father will meet you to overcome whatever sin you struggle with. Jealousy is a sin by the way.

I left that beautiful home, and drove past our developing skyline to be inspired even more. Prayers went out over the city as I thought about all the hurting people, including you and I, as we navigate this very unusual time.

COVID-19 is not the only cross we bear as we journey through this life. Some of us have PTSD, Depression and anxiety that won’t leave us alone. It’s hard. There’s no two ways about it. Being productive has been extremely for many, even those whose work has increased. Try as hard as you can this weekend to rest. Try not to even think about Saturday. It’s Friday. Be in the moment. I chose to work on my blog because I’m having this momentum in light of that maid service closing I made. Momentum is sometimes a hard thing to come by for those of us who fight mental illness. We can scroll through Instagram, and we quickly realize what losers we are. Jesus wants you to know deep in the recesses of your mind and heart that you are not a loser when he baptizes your heart and mind with love 24/7. We are so defined by what we do for a living that it’s hard to feel “worthy” when Friday comes around because we feel like we haven’t made any contributions to anyone. More grind, and nothing to show for it. That’s a lie from Satan. He will use anything, including church, to rip your focus off of Jesus.

Don’t let him! Close rates might excite those of us who sell, but the love of Jesus MUST exceed that superficial feeling.

If God is for us who can be against us?


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