Ode To Espresso

Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

This might be pre-mature, but I think my writing groove might be back. It’s been a hard 2 years to say the least. My father-in-law died, a tornado nearly destroyed our church building, Covid hit, and now Covid is nowhere near being over.

We just finished watching Luca, and inspiration struck. The setting for Luca is a small Italian seacoast town in Italy. I love all things Italian, so when I started to do the dinner dishes after the movie I had a doppio. A doppio is two shots of espresso.

The first time I had strong coffee was in Brazilian air space outside Sao Paulo, the capital of Brasil. I can’t really sleep on anything moving, but I had fallen asleep for a little bit because the flight attendant onboard that Varig flight from Atlanta gently woke me to ask me if I’d like some cafe. I wanted the full Brazilian experience, so I did not hesitate with a si. Coffee is big in Brasil like it is in Italy. My world-traveling friend Lewis began making Italian espresso when we all worked downtown, and there’s no telling how many gallons of espresso I’ve consumed since 1995.

I don’t know where the United States would be without Starbucks and the plethora of coffee shops that dot every haven in all 50 States. It’s broken down barriers and created communities that were desperately needed and continue to be needed after this pandemic is “over.” Sometimes the most complicated problems are made bearable by the simplest of solutions. Coffee has been that for me and dare I say billions of others. Millions most definitely.

Coffee has become the proverbially peace pipe we sit down to reconcile our differences. I know there are many who make tea, but coffee seems to be more prominent globally.

More work is accomplished behind a cup of coffee than is done after a glass of wine, but I’ve heard many writers like to write inebriated. Coffee will make you urinate many times over, but it doesn’t enter the blood stream like alcohol. Might I suggest a merlot before bed, or even a Corona, but coffee keeps most of us up through the night. A stimulant like coffee can be set before a teetotaling evangelical, but a depressant like wine or beer might just be like meat sacrificed to an idol. Better not do that. Coffee can facilitate conversation across a wide spectrum of scruples. Going back to Italy someone once said you’d better do like the Romans when you are in Rome. I bet they’ve got amazing coffee there too. I look forward to finding out. Wanderlust.

I’m closing this essay out with an offer of gratitude to you for liking my essays. It’s worth the time and effort to share my drivel even when just one other person enjoys it.

Please be safe, and I pray that you stay healthy, connected to God who loves us deeply with plenty of food in your stomach. Grace and peace.


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