Presents and Presence

Photo by Cut in A Moment on Unsplash

In the Chronicles Satan incited Israel and David to take a census of men who could handle a sword. It displeased God. David repented, but 70,000 soldiers still died at the hand of God. That same passage stated that David saw an angel, and the visibility of angels is not something you glass over. God must have instructed the angel to be visible to David, and it’s still remarkable to me that angels can be visible and invisible to the human eye. I’ve never seen an angel, but that doesn’t mean one hasn’t stood next to me. God’s presence is never absent, and even when we come away from a church service less satisfied than when we went in, or come away from Bible study and meditation still empty it doesn’t mean we weren’t impacted by supernatural presence. Too many times we approach the throne expecting presents, and we miss the Presence of the One who knit us together in our mother’s wombs. All these things are important, but never mistake presents for presence.

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