The Word of God

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

The wise man built his house on a rock. Jesus Christ is my LORD and Savior, and when all of this is gone the things he spoke about here on earth in the first century will remain. There are so many things that distract us from what Jesus strives to get us to focus on. I think what strikes me right now is his first sign in Cana when he turned the water into wine. He was at a wedding, and they ran out of wine. The wine was so good the attendees thought they had saved the best wine for later. God provides at every turn in life. We grow anxious when things don’t turn out the way we wanted, but so many times things turn out better when we think we have reached rock bottom.

I’m not sure this paragraph connects at all to the overall theme of this post, but I really don’t care. I had a dream last night I want to remember. The dream was about some random and vague wedding that was going to cost $150 million. I didn’t have that much money, so I was asking individuals for donations. One individual gave $50 million, and another individual gave around $9 million. The third individual gave right around $5 million, and that was about the time I woke up. I have an idea of what it means, but I’m going to keep that to myself. I just wanted to remember the dream because if I don’t write something down I always forget.

Here’s another thought that I believe ties the previous two paragraphs together. All things will be revealed at the second coming of Christ. I was walking our dog Wrigley outside earlier, and the Scripture about every knee bowing and every tongue confessing Jesus as LORD also crossed my mind. Every dollar, whether you believe it or not, belongs to the Father. I grew up “poor”, but now I’m striving to become affluent. That’s not secret to those who are close to me. Now the entire world knows it. That’s good and bad. There are dishonest people who will try to get every dollar from you and I that they can. They are ruled by the Prince of Darkness and his followers. In fact, they will not stop till we have nothing and they have everything. That’s the mind-set of Satan, and there are billions who buy hook, line and sinker every word that comes out of his mouth.

The thing that is comforting to me is that Satan and his followers are not all powerful, all knowing nor everywhere at all times like YHWH. When I was sitting on the beach last week the thought that God knows the number of grains of sand on every beach and the number of hairs on every single human head also gave me great comfort. Seems Satan, a former angel of God, doesn’t just lie to the human race. He lies to himself. I guess he’s had enough “wins” through the years to convince himself he can conquer God.

The book of Revelation says otherwise.

God wins.

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