White Page

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Why is the white page so intimidating? Maybe it’s because the power of the written word should never be taken lightly. Even a simple text via our phones can be epiphany producing. I’ve been the recipient of a rekindled friendship, and his words have been life transforming. He followed the Holy Spirit’s prompting to reach out to me, and I’ve told him myself I can’t thank him enough. Words are powerful, and even though some discredit the blog medium I’m moved even if this post only gets one like.

Writing is like air in my lungs. The unintentional sabbaticals are just that. The ebb and flow of life drives the writer in me back to the blank page to write. The circumstances I thought I couldn’t survive obviously were survived, and in some ways drove me to a place of thriving. The suffering left me breathless with sobbing tears, and even stopped me in my tracks to scream at an evil being in the name of Jesus. No, I did not see this being with my eyes, but I felt its presence, and the grief was so overwhelming that was the only conclusion. I was cleaning my house at the time, and I venture to say Satan himself has been making visits. I pray I’m wrong, but it’s possible because I know the good that can be accomplished in these walls to dent his agenda outside these walls. I don’t know the names specific of the angels dispatched here to this address or assigned to me specifically, but they seem to be at work. Strongholds control generations, and there are strongholds in my family that have destroyed stronger than me. You are all too familiar with one of those strongholds. The title Beyond Sad is a nod to depression because it is beyond sad. Sad is temporary. Depression is a stronghold. Just read Jeremiah and tell me I’m wrong. You won’t.

I’m closing this essay out, but do come back for more even if it’s six months from now!

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