Let It Heal

Photo by JC Falcon on Unsplash

My father-in-law is being operated on this morning to open his collapsed colon. His name is David. I’m taking liberty to reveal this to my readers because I want your prayers. Many of us here in Nashville have been praying non-stop for healing on David, and we know that our Father can heal.

LORD God and Father in every realm please give the surgeon success in the work of his hands. In Jesus name amen.

I’ve been thinking about the doctor operating on David from a work context. I am beyond thankful for the planning, studying and working this doctor has done to prepare him for this moment. The Earhearts are a very private family, so I’m not even sure if the surgeon is a man or women, so I made an assumption. Since David is my father-in-law and dear friend I’m going with forgiveness instead of permission to blast this information to the world. It’s not a secret to our Father, but our Father listens to the prayers of the righteous, and all of you are righteous in His sight. Thank you for praying wherever you are. God is not limited by geography.

We limit God by wishing and hoping, and I’m done with that kind of faith. God says yes, no and wait, but He never half-heartedly enters into activity on our behalf. That’s not Who He Is. He cares more about us than we do ourselves. As if I had to write this, but our God does not tire, much less sleep, and when He rested on the seventh day He did it as an example that we must do the same because we do tire and sleep.

He also works powerfully through surgeons to bring healing, and those doctors prepared in years for Him to work through them to bring that healing. Hard work is a gift from God, and before you judge someone for working “too much” ask yourself what God is doing through “too much” work in that person’s life. The Father brought resurrection through death. He can bring healing through a person’s work ethic even if that work ethic is wrong. Stop judging and start praying that people will connect with the Father.

Poverty, laziness and self-righteousness are not next to godliness, but many times evangelical Christians are known for those three things. It’s time to stop. God is not wringing His hands in Heaven that His will is not being accomplished, but think about the way Jesus condemned the attitude and actions of the Pharisees. That Jesus is still among us. We can’t lay eyes upon Him the way first century believers did, but in many ways He is more powerful through the Holy Spirit than when He walked this earth.

I don’t want you to just pray for David’s complete healing. I want you to pray for our world’s healing from narcissism. These words I write are nothing new. There’s nothing new under the sun, but I’ve been called for such a time as this to bend your ear to this truth. These things are not being revealed to me by any man or women. They are words straight from my heart that no matter what happens God is in control.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and we all come before the Father accountable for the thoughts and actions we take here and now. Stop forcing your own agenda upon the world, and know that God sees things much differently than you do. Those thoughts most certainly intersect because we are His children, but you know that parents and children don’t always see eye to eye on everything.

This God we serve is all powerful, all knowing and all present. There’s not a thought we have He doesn’t know about. All things belong to Him, and He knows the exact number of our days from beginning to end. He conquered death through the resurrection, and even though people are dying at this very moment there will come a day when death will not exist, and words like these will be invalid.

Put your faith in God. It’s never too late. We continue to spread the message of Jesus because we serve a loving and merciful God, and in case you forgot He loves the whole world. Rich, poor and in-between it doesn’t matter. He brings healing and abundant life to all those who put their faith in Him.




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