A Day I’ll Never Forget

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

I’ll never forget today. I woke up this morning and made coffee as usual, and I took Wrigley on a walk after I ate a Luna Bar and banana. After we came back home I did some dishes and began to prep for tacos I hoped Lance would share with me after church. He did. I cut up the lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and I made some slice and bake chocolate chip cookies because I knew Lance would be pressed for time. I was just thrilled to death he was able to stay for lunch. Church was a service I will also never forget. I’m not going break down the details as they are private, but healing is happening. Healing is always happening because as the great Physician, he never sleeps, but I’m convinced there are moments of revival in nations, and there is a revival among us.

Lance initiated contact with our Pastor Ben after church, and the prayers that were offered by Ben over Lance and me will reverberate into eternity. It was a pivotal time for both of us as we are going through similar sufferings, and had it not been Lance allowing the Holy Spirit to lead him to talk with Pastor Ben I would have walked right out just like I did last Sunday. Fear and shame drive you away from the people God wants you to be with, and when Satan manipulates circumstances to his advantage months and years can go by with his agenda reigning. His power is great. He’s called the Prince of this world for a reason because so many people, including Christians, allow him to control situations through their fear. Lance didn’t allow that today, and I’m so glad he pushed through to talk to a very Godly man we call Pastor Ben.

After Lance and I got back to the house, we broke bread, had even more meaningful conversation, and he left to stop by his sister’s house before she had to go to work. I did the dishes, took Wrigley outside, and I left to get gas and dog food. I then ventured across town to check in on my parents, and I returned home to type this essay out because today has truly been a day I never want to forget.

Fighting depression and bi-polar disorder is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it’s robbed me of countless relationships, successes and moments with my Father who knows the number of hairs on my head. I do not let you in on my mental illness for sympathy or ridicule because mental illness is a terrible cross to bear. I let you in on it because I know that when we tell our stories others are given hope that this is never the end. Satan convinces believers and non-believers alike that they are worth nothing, but the message of Jesus continually says we are worth the blood he shed on the cross. He literally gave his life, so that we we would have life. Life is hard, but the message of the cross is that there is always resurrection.

And there is. Forever.

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