Writing’s Important

Photo by Kyle Ryan on Unsplash

Writing is so important. Choosing the right words is important too, but don’t be so concerned with choosing the right words when you write. We need your words from your heart. I’ve recently connected with some great struggling peeps like myself on here, and I love the candor to their writing.

Obviously this blog is a lot about depression, so those who fight a mental illness are drawn to my thoughts. I try to keep business related stuff to my new “blog” on LinkedIn, but of course anytime you go somewhere, be it personal or business, there you are. Hence the reason my business Clean Houses sometimes appears in posts. You can’t be at home like I am now and go to work to become a different person. You’re the same person in both places, and I think it’s mature to recognize that. Now grant it I try not to burden my customers with the nitty gritty of living with depression, but sometimes it comes up that I fight depression. That sometimes leads into a deeper conversation about my story and their story. That’s just life, and I think if a person didn’t want to talk about something they wouldn’t. Or they should feel free not to talk about it. There’s days I just want to be a “normal” person going about the things through the day that normal people do. I liken it to a Seinfeld moment. Some of you watch Friends, so I can liken it to a Friend’s episode, or an episode of Corner Gas (Prime Video) that we’ve developed a liking for.

Show yourself mercy when it comes to your writing. I think sometimes we lay people in the writing world think we should write like the pros, but we’re still writers. Just because I don’t get paid to write doesn’t mean I’m not compensated for my effort. Every time I get a like from any of you amazing people that makes my day. It really does. I’m not brown nosing. We get caught up with numbers, who’s real and not real, and all it takes is to identify yourself as a writer. And then after that write. What a novel concept. You don’t have to be Stephen King or John Grisham or any number of non-fiction writers to be a writer. I think it’s wonderful that this blog genre developed. There are some amazing blogs out there, and Caralyn is one among us. What she has done with the thorn in her flesh is amazing! We love you Caralyn, and we love that you are saving lives through your words. If you haven’t bought her book I highly encourage you to do so. I bought it, and it is a great source of comfort and encouragement for me in my battle with depression. Caralyn is the author behind Beauty Beyond Bones, and her ministry/business is beautiful. I have an old Mac, so I’m not going over to her blog to cut and paste because that takes forever for this old Mac.

Be patient with yourself too. This blog thing evolves. It may become something you had no idea is was becoming. You may go a long time without publishing something too. It’s Friday here in Nashville, and I haven’t posted all week. I’m not sure when my last post was, but I have this tacit rule I’ve “written” that says I need to post an essay every day. Why I created that is beyond me, but it’s in a little compartment in the back of mind.

So many of you have been gracious and kind in telling me that this isn’t drivel, and I thank you again. I thank you for coming here. I thank you for being present in this author’s life because even though we may not be across from one another with a cup of coffee I think what we’re doing is important.

So keep writing dear ones.

It’s important.

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