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alabaster-co-wNVhAqxuL6o-unsplashHi dear ones. Covid-19 is blowing my mind. I know it’s not a walk in the park for you either. I cleaned our bathroom today, and I’ve tried to create a “normal” routine without the normalcy of leaving the house in the morning for work. My wife has been working from home all work too. It’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve tried to limit my social media consumption, but Twitter is where I stay connected to the outside world.

I’ve checked several times on a retired neighbor via phone, and I’ve texted my mom a few times since Monday. Hi mom.

I actually think being with my wife this much has made our marriage stronger because we’ve both striven to drive each other crazy. I threw a “snowball” at her when she was in counseling via the phone, but in my defense I didn’t know she was talking to a counselor. Would I do it again? Yes. That’s the way we roll. Lucy looks at us like we’re crazy because we are, and when she doesn’t get a snack she sulks. That’s nothing out of the ordinary for a rotten dog. I eat too many Twizzlers, but again in my defense they have no calories!

So what about y’all and you guys? How are you passing the time as our cities are ghost towns? I noticed one Twitter follower is having some Netflix issues, and another is ranting because someone doesn’t like the First Lady. How do you turn an epidemic into something political? I haven’t turned on CNN or Fox News. This disease doesn’t care if your independent, Republican or Democrat. Shut up! If anything should bring us “together” it should be a disease affecting literally the whole world! It’s given me more gratitude for routine. I was already thankful for repetition having never grown up in a place longer than 2 years, but being grounded from my routine like this took it to another level.

It’s also shown me how quickly one’s health can be taken away. Health truly is something we take for granted. We don’t think about it until it’s taken away. And it’s shown me how good people are in light of middle Tennessee’s tornados and the global outbreak of the Corona Virus. People genuinely care even though you still see stories about selfishness. Crisis always brings out the best and worst in people. The power we’ve always been given is what to focus on. We can look at the destroyed homes, schools and churches, but we can also open our eyes to the people we meet we never would have met had these things not happened. I was really moved by the keyboardist in Italy who started playing My Heart Will Go On, and the saxophone player who joined him. It was moving and beautiful, and my heart goes out to the Italian nation for the suffering the Corona Virus has caused them. I pray for comfort to the families who are grieving, and I pray for healing to those who haven’t passed away.

As always I worship a Father who loves me deeply, and I am forever thankful for the life He has given me. My single aim is to glorify Him even after I sin. And I sin everyday, but I am a child of God who is made new every morning. I strive everyday to draw near Him in captivating every thought to make it obedient to Him, but when I don’t His love for me is not deleted. There are so many things that take our eyes off the good in this world, but when we remain committed to a better tomorrow even the bad days are endurable. One of my favorite passages is Proverbs 3.5-6, and I want to close with that. I love you all, and I’ll see you soon.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

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